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Some of our patient’s testimonials

“I initially contacted Kirsten while suffering lower back pain with Ankylosing Spondylitis during pregnancy. Not being able to take any pain relief (which I thought was the only option) I was willing to give anything a try! I had struggled with movement for about 4 weeks and after my first visit to Kirsten I could feel an immediate difference in reduced pain and increased movement. Within a few weeks the pain was a distant memory. Since then Kirsten has adjusted a few other issues throughout my pregnancy with my hips, pelvis and lower back region which has kept me moving and free from pain. Doctors don’t tend to suggest using Chiropractors but I would strongly recommend seeing Kirsten over using pain killers any day! It isn’t just the pain she helps with but also any stiffness disappears. Kirsten is also very sensitive and well informed when it comes to pregnancy and made sure that I was comfortable at all times.” Emma Steele, Graphic Designer

“I had been suffering with severe episodes of neck and should pain with headaches for many years. These were all a result of my posture from working at a computer desk for many hours each day. The symptoms I had been suffering with were getting worse over the months. After seeing Kirsten for several treatment sessions we started to get the symptoms under control. She gave me various exercises and stretches to do in between our appointments. I visit Kirsten once a month for maintenance care to keep the levels of tension down, with out her help the tension rebuilds due to my working posture. My neck and shoulders are the best they have felt in years and I get very few headaches now as well!” Kate Sharman, Civil Servant

“Dr Kirsten has helped me over the past years with a recurrent pelvic problem and more recently with a serious disc and shoulder injury that were a result of my Rugby career with the Chiefs.” Shane Kingsland, Fitness Matters Ltd

“My daughter was born with terrible colic and reflux. At 5 weeks old my husband and I were so distressed with our daughters discomfort and continuous crying we consulted Chiropractic Matters. A friend told us that Kirsten treated babies and children for certain conditions and that they had had good results with there own baby. The techniques used are so gentle but very effective. After about 6 sessions there was marked improvement! Amazing!” Exminster Mum