At Chiropractic Matters Exeter our mission is to restore and maintain the health of individuals and families living in the Exeter and surrounding areas. Improving the health of patients through quality chiropractic care, it is suitable for persons of all ages and all walks of life. We take a multi disciplinary approach to health giving advise on nutrition, exercise and general well being. We appreciate everyone has individual needs.

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Exeter Chiropractor Dr Kirsten Lucy Stockman (Chiro) welcomes patients from Exeter, Devon and all surrounding areas. She has over 16 Years of clinical experience.

Chiropractors use a hands-on approach to treat and correct joint dysfunction/restriction/misalignments within the joints, muscles and ligaments. It can help to restore normal joint bio mechanics (Normal movement ranges) which in turn relieves many symptoms throughout the entire body and is a whole new world of body management. We treat numberous musculoskeletal condition involving joint, muscle and soft tissues conditions. It is a big misconception that we only treat necks and backs.

Located in the village of Exminster, just 2 miles from Exeter City Centre, Chiropractic & Wellness Matters was founded by Exeter Chiropractor Dr Kirsten Lucy Stockman (Chiro). It has easy access from neighbouring villages (Kenton, Kenn, Powderham, Starcross and Dawlish) and across the water (Topsham, Cyst St George, Cyst St Mary, Woodbury and Woodbury Salterton), and the addition of plenty of parking allows a relaxing journey, unlike a city-based clinic.

Operating from the heart of Exminster’s villages, we offer a warm, welcome and friendly environment with a real community feel. We value each patient as an individual and care for your well being. It is our promise to ensure that we will provide the best care possible. We have several therapists in the team and between cover multiple areas of healthcare.

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