What can Chiropractic Matters help with?


With the combination of Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue release techniques, Acupuncture, mobilisations, exercise and rehabilitation, plus nutritional, dietary, postural and ergonomics and lifestyle advice, Chiropractic can help with;

• Chronic, Sub Acute and Acute Low Back Pain***

• Sciatica / Radiating Leg Pain**

• Chronic, Sub Acute and Acute Neck Pain***

• Whiplash Associated Disorders***

• Shoulder Girdle Pain / Dysfunction and Frozen Shoulder***

• Tennis Elbow***

• Extreme Joint Conditions***

• Osteoarthritis (Hip / Knee)***

• Knee Pain***

• Ankle Pain / Injuries**

• Plantar Fasciitis***

• Morton’s Neuroma / Toe deformities**

• Headaches (Migraine and Cervicogenic origin***, Miscellaneous**, Tension*)

• Cervicogenic Dizziness***

• Muscular Pain**

Chiropractic is not limited to the list above. By improving the health of your body we can help other symptoms as well. Chiropractic is not a cure for some of above listed conditions, but may help to manage and relieve your symptoms.

If your complaint is not listed and you are unsure if we can help, then please feel free to call us on 07766 077444 to find out more. We are always here to help.

Additional services:

Nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice
If we think your diet or lifestyle is inadequate in any way, or if we think it’s affecting your health, we will make suggestion for you to either cut out or add in certain foods or supplements.

The most common things to cause toxicity in the body are smoking, alcohol, caffeine, artificial flavourings / colouring in processed food and drinks, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and chemicals on fruit and vegetables that are not washed properly before eating. Where possible these factors should be kept to a minimum to help achieve optimal health.

The most common recommendations to help promote health are drink plenty of water (important to clear the body out of all the waste products that daily living produce and for repair / recovery), eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, pro-biotics for digestive health and omega 3 fish oil (great for the whole body).

Other recommendations will be made on a more personal level if felt necessary as individuals requirements vary greatly due to age, gender, life style and presenting conditions. Modifications to other areas also include stress reduction, ergonomics and everyday living.
Extended services:

Sam Blythe Personal Training
Based in Exeter one-on-one personal training with a fitness and exercise expert, either working from the comfort of your own home or a specialized training studio. Get the best from yourself and maximize your training potentials. www.fitnessmatters.me.uk