Your Treatment with Chiropractic Matters

Initial Consultation, First Visit:

On arrival at reception you will be asked to fill out a new patient form. You will be asked to provide your contact details, medical history, details about present and past complaints as well as some information about your general health, life style and diet. Dr Kirsten stockman (Chiro) will then take a detailed case history. She will take details of the presenting complaint along with any other information that she feels is relevant to improving your overall health and well being.

A physical examination will then be done… don’t worry, you can keep your clothes on for this! This includes postural analysis, assessment of neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, muscles or any other area of the body that is troublesome. Other tests maybe performed such as reflexes and muscle strength tests.

Once all information has been gathered, Dr Kirsten stockman (Chiro) can diagnose the problem, devise a suitable treatment approach and plan of action. If an X-ray is required, this can be done off site. Each treatment plan is tailor made to suit each patient’s individual needs. Adjustments can be done on the first visit if requested when booking the initial consultation.

Report of Findings, Second Visit:

An explanation of the findings during the first visit will be done including diagnosis, findings, treatment plan and any recommendations such as exercises/stretches or lifestyle advice. Nutritional supplements may also be suggested to improve quality of health. At Chiropractic Matters it is very important to us that each patient is fully informed about all aspects of your healthcare. This is a great time to ask any questions which you may have.

Follow up Adjustments: (Explained by Dr Kirsten Stockman (Chiro)

In our clinic most patients start by having several adjustments close together. These then space out once problems start to ease off. Check-ups throughout the year may help to prevent a re-occurrence and may help to prevent other problems from developing in the future.

The treatment plan is broken down into different phases:

Intensive or relief phase, Correction phase, Maintenance phase and Prevention/Wellness phase – see our phases of care page for more details.

All the above information is the opinion of Dr Kirsten Stockman (Chiro).